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14:30 - 15:30

A BNCC e a Avaliação baseada em Habilidades e Competências

6th - 12th

Room 621

Pedro Ramos

Presentation Slides

Nesse Workshop você poderá explorar como a Avenues avalia seus alunos na segunda etapa do Fundamental II e no Ensino Médio: a Avaliação Baseada em Habilidades e Competências. Você entrará em contato com os Elementos, a base fundamental do currículo na Avenues, Rubricas, e poderá conectar essas práticas com a BNCC. Você sairá do Workshop tendo criado uma tarefa de sua disciplina que utilizará esse sistema de avaliação.

Deeper Learning through Equitable Academic Discussion

Nursery - 12th

Room 718

Rhonda Bondie

Presentation Slides

How can teachers ensure equitable participation in discussions designed for deeper learning? We will explore the design of discussions that ensure students deepen their understanding, gain feedback on their ideas, and practice and play with ideas, and vocabulary, evidence/knowledge. We will learn strategies that enable students to develop strategic and effective communication strategies through peer to peer discussions. We will try out a few discussion routines for immediate classroom use.

Project-Based Learning through Wellness and Movement

Physical Education

Room 512

Cristina Oliveira, Renata Macrini

Presentation Slides

How might project-based learning facilitate learning focused on the human body? How might different projects promote diverse paths of student learning? What is the role of the educator in this process? Join us to explore the theory and practice of project-based learning and develop your own proposals for your school context.

The Pracinha Iniciative: placemaking as a strategy for social integration, urban transformation and creative learning

K - 12th

Room 513

Paola Ricci, Carla Gomes, Isabela Gomes, Valentina Liberman

In this presentation, we will illustrate how placemaking, in our context, has been a relevant strategy for social integration, urban transformation, cross campus collaboration, student agency, engagement and creative learning. The Pracinha Initiative is an active effort of placemaking whereby students and faculty have been engaging in transforming two local public green spaces, prompting student-led initiatives, change in the perception of what public space is, and above all integration between children from Avenues and Jardim Panorama as they engage in common projects and authentic play in these pracinhas.

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