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12:30 - 14:00

Design Thinking Workshop

6th - 12th

Room 614

Dominique Paladini, Rui Zanchetta

What is the impact of Design Thinking and when tailoring student projects? What effect does this have on student engagement and content validity? You will get a chance to experience this by classroom walkins seeing students in action and asking them questions. You will feel the power that design and social innovation create when working hand in hand.

Creating a friendly environment to all language learners

6th - 12th

Room 511

Clara Prado, Taísa Barros

In this workshop, participants will explore classroom resources and reflect on the impacts these elements could have in students' engagement, participation, and agency. Participants will also have a chance to interact with the techniques demonstrated by the speakers, and contribute by sharing their experiences in the classroom.

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