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11:15 - 12:15

Real-Real Projects in the 21st Century

1st - 12th

Room 716

Cayo Candido

Presentation Slides

This session aims to shed light on the importance of solid partnerships with people and institutions of the community in order to build authentic projects. During the session, examples of Avenues projects that were successful due to strong cooperation will be presented to participants who will also have the opportunity to share their experience and start designing a project based on local associations.

The Avenues World Elements

Pre-K - 12th

Room 510

Mark Gutkowski, Mike Maccarone

Presentation Slides

From toddlers to graduates, explore the elements of progressive education in this session in which we will share how Avenues has begun to articulate learning outcomes for a 21st century education.  Participants will consider ways in which to incorporate thinking skills, character-based education, core competencies, and critical concepts for global citizens into their own teaching and coursework. 

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