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11:00 - 12:30

Launching Student-led Projects

Nursery - 12th

Room 723

Marina Braga, Ingrid Puche, Tatiana Oliveira

In this workshop, teachers will have an immersive experience in the launching phase of a project. Our goal is to provide
a handful of strategies for discussion protocols and active listening for developing essential questions based on students' interests and curricular goals.

Social Innovation Through Entrepreneurship in the Classroom

6th - 12th

Room 725

Fernanda Rates, Carla Gomes

Presentation Slides

Avenues’ social innovation program challenges students to undertake projects that tackle real-world problems, span multiple disciplines and equip them to be leaders and change-makers. In this session you will learn more about this program that runs as an elective from 6th to 12th grades, see some examples of successful and real projects done at Avenues, and have a little taste of how we do it in the classroom.

Visualization Strategies for Scaffolding and Documenting Projects

6th - 12th

Room 621

Diego Johnson

Presentation Slides

In this experiential workshop participants will first gain a better understanding of the use of data visualization and storytelling strategies to help scaffold and document projects. We will then work together on designing a sharing system for these tools so we can more effectively push innovation and track our progress as educational reformers.

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