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11:00 - 12:00

Processos de investigação e os impactos na aprendizagem

6th - 12th

Room 626

Maiuí de Camargo, Nathália Polachini & Cristiano Cairoli

Presentation Slides

Este seminário discutirá a implantação
e o desenvolvimento de processos de investigação conduzidos por grupos de professores para a intensificação da aprendizagem dos alunos. Serão apresentados exemplos de investigação nas áreas de ciências, artes e português.

Help that Fosters Student Independence

N - 12th

Room 718

Rhonda Bondie

Presentation Slides

Teachers want to extend a helping hand to support pupils in their learning. However, they don’t want to foster pupil dependence on teacher help or promote low feelings of competence. So, while help is essential for learning, it presents a complex dilemma for teacher decision-making. We will explore the different types of help that promote autonomy and learning using resources that are already in our classrooms. We will identify how teachers provide, offer, and teach students how to ask for and use help resources to foster student autonomy and learning in inclusive classrooms.

Making Read-Alouds Meaningful and Engaging to Students

N - 12th

Room 511

Gabriela Mayer

Presentation Slides

This session will focus on discussing the importance of read-alouds in the early years and how to make it more meaningful and engaging to students. Learn and share read-aloud strategies and practices that will support your growing readers.

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