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10:30 - 11:15

Technology Integration
for Future-wise

6th - 12th

Room 624

Bryan Iversen, Leonardo Penna,
Roberta Ferraz

How do we adapt and repurpose the role of technology in education to shift from a focus on skills and tools to one that encompasses dispositions and ethics? Examine how schools can provide scaffolds that will give students agency to navigate a fast-paced and changing technological environment. In this roundtable, you will discuss and exchange experiences to facilitate conversation around best practices in your school.

Putting Students at the Center of International and Experiential Education

6th - 12th

Room 512

Yuri Parkinson

Presentation Slides

This workshop will share how the Global Journeys program at Avenues develops and executes educational programs based on experiential education with the main mission of empowering students to understand and address global scale issues

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